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About Us

I think it’s safe to say you have experienced a time in your career when you have felt stuck.

To get unstuck, you may go to Google to search “how do you…” or reach out to friends for advice.

While those are all well-suggested efforts, someone critical is missing. Often, the missing piece to our road to success is God.

I’ll confess, there was a time I was insecure and lacked self-love. And like many of you, I’ve battled with “Imposter Syndrome.” But the key to being comfortable in your skin is believing you have something to offer. I know God created us with a purpose.

As an entrepreneur with over 20-years of “skin in the game,” I also know the hustle is real, and staying motivated to finish what you started is even harder. No one is perfect, and the lessons you learn will serve as a testimony to others when they feel discouraged. 

Hustler To CEO® helps Christian entrepreneurs convey their faith through fashion and motivates them to stay focused on their purpose.

I look forward to growing and spreading the word of God with you!


 -Bailey Sessoms